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A baby's room should be a pleasant and calm environment for the little one to feel comfortable. It is also a space where the parents will spend a lot of time, as, in addition to the cot, there will probably be the changing table and the wardrobe with the newborn's clothes.

The decoration of the baby's room has to be beautiful and simple. Don't forget that keeping the bedroom functional is very important. There should not be too many things in the way as they can get in the way when you are caring for your little one. For this reason, it is very useful to use wallpaper and children's pictures.

By using these simple elements, you can create a pleasant atmosphere that is not too cluttered. In addition, all the space is available for you to place everything you need to take care of your baby.

Spectacular combinations can be achieved using all kinds of designs to make your baby's room an ideal place to spend time. At ALF&mabi these are some of the proposals we have for you.

We bring you some ideas for original baby rooms. A very interesting option for decorating your baby's room is to use wallpaper with a design that plays with the pattern of the children's picture. 

In this line, the pattern of the wallpaper coincides with the design of the children's paintings, and you can find options that match exactly. Look how good this combination looks and you can get a whole zoo for your baby's room.

You can also use the interplay between children's pictures and wallpaper to create unique scenes full of fantasy. Magical spaces such as a castle in a sky with moons and stars can be created. This will create a relaxing atmosphere by decorating with soft colours.

Cuadros para habitaciones infantiles

When it comes to creating colourful and imaginative scenes, you can find very original combinations of children's pictures and wallpaper. For example, you can create a beautiful garden with adorable cactus where cute little mice live.

The third proposal is a beautiful seabed where two starfish live amusing adventures. With creativity, great effects can be achieved as the characters in these children's pictures can be used as if they were celestial bodies or sea animals.

Another possibility of using wallpaper in combination with children's pictures is to look for pleasant colour combinations. This way you can give your baby's room a touch of cheerfulness. There are many possibilities to give free rein to your creativity. In this example, a beautiful multicoloured triangle wallpaper is used with the Giraffe Gigi painting.

cuadro infantil para habitaciones infantiles

Another great idea to achieve a cheerful atmosphere for your baby's room is to use this wallpaper full of coloured polka dots together with the children's painting of the dog Boris where black and white are the protagonists. This way you will draw attention to the illustration while highlighting the colourful paper.

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