كيفية تحضير الجدار لتثبيت ورق الحائط

One of the keys to a good wallpaper installation is that the wall must be prepared. In order to obtain good results, it is important that the surface is in perfect condition for applying the glue and hanging the wallpaper. It is therefore advisable to take the necessary time to follow all the steps correctly.

One of the first issues when preparing the wall for wallpapering is that it is necessary to achieve a uniform and smooth surface. There are several scenarios. One of the most common is that you find yourself with stippled wallpaper. 

But there are many other situations that need to be overcome. For example, an exposed brick wall with many irregularities. To prepare this surface it is best to cover it with plasterboard or plasterboard. In this way we will achieve the uniformity we need to place the wallpaper. 

Another issue that may arise is that an old wallpaper has been installed on the wall. It is very advisable to remove it before installing the new one, as it is probably in poor condition, with torn and torn parts. 

In any case, any element that does not allow the surface to be smooth should be removed or covered. Once this has been achieved, we can begin to treat the surface to apply the wallpaper.


To put wallpaper on a wall, it must have a completely smooth surface.

The first step is to clean the wall. It is necessary to remove all traces of dirt and dust so that they are not trapped when the glue and wallpaper are applied. This also avoids possible spots where bacteria can accumulate. First remove the dust and then apply warm water and soap. Then dry the entire surface.

Preparing a wall for wallpaper is a perfect opportunity to repair any flaws in the wall. Fill holes and cracks with putty as they can affect the gluing and installation process. If there is any damp, it is important to get rid of it as it can destroy the wallpaper. 

If the wall is painted and there are areas where the paint is peeling, use a putty knife to remove the paint. This tool can also be used to smooth out any bumps that may be present. A sandpaper can also help you with this task when the area is larger.

Of course, you will need to remove any nails, screws, dowels and screws. Any such items left behind can end up tearing the wallpaper. So pay special attention not to forget any of them.

Once you have finished with all the flaws in the wall and you have a flat surface, it is time to apply the primer coat. This material helps the absorbency of the wall and favours the action of the glue to hold the wallpaper. It is very cheap and easy to use. This is one of the most important steps you can't skip if you want to get the right look.

Now you have your wall ready to start applying the glue and installing the wallpaper. Remember to always be meticulous with this type of process as you will avoid many problems and get the results you want.

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