إلى متى يمكنني استخدام الذيل بمجرد فتحه؟



When you are going to wallpaper a wall or room, it is advisable to have everything you need perfectly ready: the strips cut to size, a cutter for the cut-outs, glue and brush to spread it and a spatula to smooth the paper once it is in place. The question arises as to how long the glue can be used once it has been opened or prepared.

The truth is that the products used to glue the wallpaper to the substrates usually have a long drying time. This means that you don't need to keep a watch on your wrist to know how long you can use the glue once it has been opened. But don't be careless either, as not all wallpaper has the same characteristics. 


How do you know how long you can use the glue once it has been opened?

The advice is to always read the product characteristics carefully. Usually, the labels specify both the drying time and the time the glue can be used once it has been opened. But this time will always be approximate. It should be borne in mind that both humidity conditions and ambient temperature may vary slightly.


Obviously, it is advisable to respect the time indicated by the manufacturer for using the glue once it has been opened. The reason is simple: it is during this time that the product maintains all its characteristics intact. Once it has been exceeded, it is normal for it to have thickened due to the evaporation of the water and it will be more difficult to apply. And not always the solution will be to add liquid, it will depend on the product in question.


When it comes to ready-made glues, especially when they are especially indicated for heavy or vinyl papers, the time in which the glue can be used once it has been opened is about 20 minutes. Therefore, the recommendation is to have everything perfectly prepared, to wait until the last moment to open the container and to keep it perfectly closed when not in use. 

Very different is the metyl cellulose glue, which comes in powder form and is prepared at the moment it is going to be wallpapered. To do this, water is added in different quantities, depending on the density required by the type of paper chosen. In this case, you don't have to worry so much about the time you can use the glue once it has been opened and prepared.

When the water in these mixtures evaporates, more can be added without any problems. It is even possible to store the surplus in an airtight container and save it for later use. If it has become slightly compacted when opened, simply add some water and mix well again.


The tip: better a little at a time

As noted, the characteristics of each product can vary. Also, environmental conditions can mean that the time in which the glue can be used once it has been opened may vary slightly from one circumstance to another. 

Therefore, to avoid wasting material or using products when it no longer meets the most suitable conditions, the ideal is to calculate the quantities that are going to be needed. We may lose some time, but we will also avoid a less than perfect finish by using the glue once it has been opened beyond what is advisable.

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