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Wallpaper is an increasingly popular choice for wall decoration in the home and also blends in very well with the paintwork. For this reason, we always recommend that when choosing wallpaper you take into account the colour of the walls of the room, in order to create a good harmony in the room.

It is a paper made of TNT paper (non-woven fabric), a technique that makes the paper washable and resistant. This type of paper can be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap to keep it looking as good as new.

TNT wallpaper can be placed anywhere in the house, wallpaper for living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc., as it has a wide variety of styles and patterns.

The installation of TNT wallpaper is quite simple. The most important thing is that the wall is perfectly treated and sanded before installation.

In order for the wallpaper to be installed correctly, you must follow these simple steps:
- As mentioned above, prepare the wall beforehand and then apply the glue with a roller.
- The second step is to carefully apply the TNT wallpaper strip by strip until the wall is completely covered.
- For a perfect result, it is necessary to cut off the excess parts of the upper and lower part of the wall, and voila! You will have the room of your dreams.

TNT wallpaper can be used in all rooms of the house, corridors, living rooms, dining rooms.

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In areas such as the bathroom, we recommend not to place wallpaper near the sink, shower or bathtub to prevent moisture from damaging it. In the kitchen, it is best to keep wallpaper away from the area where the hobs are located to avoid grease stains.

Putting wallpaper in homes is a very easy way to change the appearance of a house, to disguise any unpleasant stains or cracks in the wall. You can also combine it with the furniture you like the most or even with other wallpapers.

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