ما الغراء الذي يجب استخدامه في خلفيات TNT

Glue is one of the essential elements for wallpaper installation. It provides the grip that allows the wallpaper to stay in place so that it can show off your design. This adhesive is the key to getting it right. 

That is why it is important to make the right choice of adhesive depending on the type of wallpaper you want to install. TNT wallpapers are the most common today and work best with adhesives that provide a better grip.

TNT or non-woven wallpapers are made of textile fibres that are not interwoven with each other. The result is a very durable wallpaper that is also very easy to apply and remove. 

TNT wallpapers need a strong and easy to apply glue.

In principle, any glue can be used with TNT wallpapers, but it is advisable to use methyl cellulose glue powder. It is very easy to apply and has a high resistance to moisture. This makes it a perfect match for the characteristics of TNT wallpapers.

In addition, the methyl cellulose powder glue is easy to clean, which makes it very useful during application. It does not cause splashes either, which saves a lot of headaches. Get the perfect grip for TNT wallpaper for a much more attractive price than other options.

It should be noted that TNT wallpaper is usually pre-glued, which makes it much easier to hang. It is only necessary to apply glue to the wall on which you want to place the wallpaper, which already has adhesive on the back.

This is important because TNT wallpapers are somewhat heavier and more difficult to handle. That is why they need a sufficiently strong glue that ensures the grip but also allows for easy installation. 

For the preparation of this glue powder you will have to mix it with cold water according to the manufacturer's instructions. The type of paper is essential to achieve the right proportion. After this step, it should be left to stand for the indicated time to achieve the right consistency.

The application is also very simple and is done with a brush. It should be applied evenly so that it is spread evenly over the entire surface. Once applied, the paper strip should be placed before it dries.

Another adhesive that can be used for TNT wallpapers is the ready-to-use vinyl glue. It is mainly intended for heavier wallpapers that need more support. This glue can also be used together with the powder glue for an even stronger mixture.

This glue does not require any preparation and can be applied directly to the wall to be wallpapered. The application is very similar to the previous one.


What you should take into account when using the glue with TNT wallpaper

For the glue to work properly, it is necessary to prepare the wall properly. Sometimes it will be necessary to apply a coat of primer so that the glue can work effectively. This step can be crucial on more difficult surfaces.

In any case, always consult a specialist to find the glue that works best with TNT wallpaper. Both the supplier and the manufacturer will give you the right clues to make the right choice. You can also hire a professional to apply the wallpaper to avoid any problems.

Remember that the label on the wallpaper also contains information on the type of glue the wallpaper needs, which will be of great help to you.

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