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Wallpaper is becoming one of the most widely used resources for interior decoration. It is an easy and simple way to personalise spaces.

In the past we could see houses with completely papered walls, but nowadays we can find a couple of walls decorated with wallpaper, making contrasts between a monochromatic wall and another one with wallpaper, the combination is spectacular!

There are always doubts when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper, especially taking into account the great variety that we have nowadays, one goes crazy trying to find the wallpaper that combines perfectly with the decoration that has been chosen.

At ALF&mabi we will give you some tips to make choosing the right wallpaper easier and of course we will show you some models that you will love.

Sometimes doubts arise such as, which wall should I wallpaper, on one or two walls? Our recommendation is to place it on adjoining walls so that it stands out and creates more space in the room and, of course, opt for more neutral designs. In the case of wallpapering only one wall, an eye-catching wallpaper would be a sure hit.

A tip that every decorator should know is that painting the wall in the same colour as the wallpaper background, creates a harmony and perfect integration in the decoration and of course the wallpaper will hardly be noticed.

An important point to bear in mind when putting up wallpaper is to choose a wall that does not have a window or door nearby, so as to avoid having to cut it out. In the case of windows, it is not advisable to hang wallpaper as the natural light falls directly on the paper and slightly loses its decorative effect, so you will see the wallpaper against the light.

Before proceeding with the installation of the wallpaper, you must take into account the type of space you are going to wallpaper and the pattern of the wallpaper you are going to use, as the right choice is crucial to achieve excellent results.

The rooms that are most popular for decorating with wallpaper are bedrooms, although if it is a small space it can make the space look cluttered, which is why it is important to choose the wallpaper and, of course, the decoration very carefully so that all the elements fit together in harmony.

In the case of the living room, the best wall would be the one that is most visible when you enter the room or it could be the one near the corridor and of course the wall on which the sofa is leaning, always bearing in mind the colours of the sofa.

For larger rooms we always recommend using a wallpaper with a larger design to avoid the feeling of cluttered space that we mentioned earlier. Unlike small rooms, the best option is to opt for a wallpaper with smaller motifs to be able to appreciate it well.

We bring you an example of an adult bedroom decoration, where the main protagonist of this space is undoubtedly the Cologne grey wallpaper a design for all lovers of classic and sober colours.

If we add a wooden headboard, furniture in neutral tones and decorative elements in whiter tones, we will have the perfect decoration. The best thing about using wallpaper is that it allows us to delimit the rest area, the work area and the storage area.

Natural linen wallpaper is perfect to break the monotony of the rooms and bring an elegant and unique touch to such a special room.

We also bring you ideas for decorating the walls of children's rooms with the help of wallpaper, which will help the little ones to differentiate the play area from the rest area.

For children's rooms with wallpaper we recommend choosing softer tones so that the children don't fall in love with it too quickly and that it can be combined and can be used if we decide to change the decoration of the room.

One of our favourite wallpapers is the Stars wallpaper in shades of green so that the kids can feel like they are touching the stars without having to leave the room.

With handmade watercolour stars, this wallpaper is made with great delicacy, it has a very soft and neutral green tone. This wallpaper is ideal for decorating the room so that the decoration is not overloaded.

Finally, choosing neutral tones for the bed linen, blankets and other elements makes the space more welcoming because of the harmony it conveys. So once you have chosen your wallpaper, you only need to follow these simple steps to get the decoration you have always wanted.

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