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The living room is undoubtedly the most used room in the house compared to the others, it is the place where family and friends gather.

This makes it a room where you can bring out all your style and taste with the living room wallpaper of your choice. Furthermore, living room wallpaper is very versatile and brings elegance to the living room.

One of the easiest ways to transform your living room is of course with wallpaper, you can opt for a more relaxing design with neutral tones or go for more vibrant colours and designs.

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for the living room, we always recommend choosing one that is simple and above all expresses your personality. Using wallpaper is a very simple resource and it also helps to highlight the elements you want in the living room, a piece of furniture, the sofa, some pictures, you simply have to find the harmony between these and the decorative elements of your living room.

The best advice we can give you from ALF&mabi is to choose wallpapers that are not overwhelming to the eye, as this can lead you to get tired of them. But the great advantage of wallpaper is that you can easily change it whenever you want.

To give the living room a more intimate feel, the best option is a wallpaper with dark tones, such as dark blue. As is the case with our Snow gold wallpaper, this design is perfect for creating a more sober and elegant atmosphere in the living room.

How to match living room wallpaper
Wallpaper is always the best choice to change the ambience of your living room in a quick, easy, cost-effective and hassle-free way.

At Alf&mabi we have a wide range of wallpapers with a multitude of designs for you to choose from to suit your living room. You can choose leaf patterned wallpaper or Maru reverse wallpaper if you are looking to add a more fun touch to your living room.

This blue Veridiana wallpaper is ideal for any type of room, with a beige blue background and blue patterns, it is a sober and elegant choice for interior decoration.

While the sandy beige Paislye wallpaper is more modern and trendy with a pattern of Persian origin that was so fashionable in the 70s. The twisted leaf is a classic and gives the living room a cleaner look and can also be combined with wooden furniture.

It is important to consider the style, what you want to convey and of course the décor of the room.

Wallpapers with a traditional feel often suit homes with an older feel, while more minimalist and modern wallpapers can give a chic feel.

Living room wallpaper is an increasingly popular way to transform or renovate a space in the home. For this reason the colour and texture of the wallpaper needs to complement the décor of the room. It can help to make the characteristics of the room more visible, for example the ceilings, create different atmospheres in the same space and make partitions, i.e. define the living room, the dining room, etc.

Wallpapers with larger patterns increase the feeling of spaciousness while wallpapers with smaller motifs generally create a more special and fun atmosphere in the living room.

The colour of wallpaper for living room decoration is very important. Cool colours such as blue bring a lot of calmness, while warm colours bring a lot of vitality.

If the wall on which the wallpaper is to be hung has any imperfections, we recommend choosing a textured wallpaper so that it can hide the flaws of the wall.

As mentioned above, small patterned wallpaper tends to create a more formal feel to a living room and larger patterned wallpapers are ideal for creating a more modern and contemporary living room.

If the room is darker, you should use wallpaper that bounces light from the outside to make it look brighter, as dark tones absorb light and reduce brightness in rooms.

Wallpaper with vertical lines makes ceilings appear higher, while horizontal lines make the room appear wider. But you should not combine wallpapers with several patterns, as the effect can be overwhelming and overloading for the living room. The best thing to do is to wallpaper some walls and leave the others painted in a colour that matches the background of the wallpaper you have chosen.

At ALF&mabi, we have a wide range of TNT (non-woven fabric) wallpapers, which are washable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap.

Using wallpaper to transform your living room has several advantages, as it can be easily removed without causing any damage to the wall and you can change it whenever you get tired of it and are looking for a change.

Finally, whatever wallpaper you choose to transform your living room, you will have a unique and modern space that will wow your guests.

Whether it's elegant or more casual wallpaper, we have what you're looking for. In our ALF&mabi online shop you can choose from a wide range of wallpapers perfect for decorating your living room.

Fill your home with magic with our wallpapers, framed art prints and wall murals.

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