هل يمكنني وضع ورق الحائط على الحائط المغطى بالورق؟

It is true that when we want to put up wallpaper we are in a hurry because we want to enjoy the design as soon as possible. The truth is that for its installation you have to make sure that the wall surface is in the necessary conditions to be able to install the wallpaper without problems.

You may encounter all kinds of difficulties, such as stippled walls and tiled walls. In this article we are going to talk about how to act when the wall has been previously papered. You will surely have seen in the scenes of many films how one wallpaper is often removed to reveal another that has been covered up.

The most advisable thing to do is always to place the wallpaper on a surface free of foreign elements.

The ideal surface for wallpaper is a bare wall. But as this is not the case, you will have to decide what to do with the wallpapered wall. If it is possible to remove the wallpaper, this is the best way to ensure that the glue is properly fixed.

This operation is especially necessary if the wallpapered wall is in poor condition. If there are pieces where it has been torn or peeled off, it is best to remove it completely. It may also be very deteriorated and may break when we put up the new paper, making the process difficult.

Puedo poner papel pintado sobre una pared empapelada

To remove the wallpaper you need a lot of patience and a spatula.  It all depends on the type of wallpaper on the previously papered wall. If it is TNT wallpaper, it won't take much effort as they are designed to be easily removed.

The same applies if the wallpaper is thin or brittle. You will be able to remove it without any problems and leave the wall uncovered for your new wallpaper.

The problem arises if the wall has been papered with old wallpaper. In such cases you will have to put more effort into removing it. The process is a little more complicated and is therefore worth explaining in an article of its own.


How to prepare for putting wallpaper on a wallpapered wall

If you have decided to put wallpaper on a wallpapered wall then what you should do is prepare the surface in the same way as if it were a bare wall. You should remove the most deteriorated and peeling areas.

Fill any cracks and holes in the wallpaper with putty. The surface should be free of cracks and wrinkles. If the old paper has any relief, you will have to hide it with this material. You will have to be patient with this process and carry it out meticulously.

Clean the old wallpaper thoroughly to remove all the dust and dirt. This is very important if you don't want bacteria to get trapped behind the paper. Apply a coat of primer to promote the adhesive factor of the glue. Once it has dried, you can place the new paper on top of the old one in the usual way.


What to bear in mind if you are going to put wallpaper on a wallpapered wall

Wallpapering over wallpaper is not recommended in certain situations. For example, if there are several different layers of paper, it is possible that a lot of weight may accumulate that cannot be supported by the first layer of glue. This can cause the whole thing to peel off and this problem is very difficult to solve. 

On the other hand, the characteristics of the wallpaper on which the new strips are to be laid must also be taken into account. Some models contain substances that can stain the new wallpaper over time. If you do not know the characteristics of the wallpaper material, then it is best to remove it all to avoid problems.

It is best when choosing wallpaper to think about the future. If you foresee that in a few years you may want to change the decoration (e.g. in a child's bedroom), then opt for a wallpaper that is easy to remove. The supplier or seller can give you the information you need on this.

In conclusion, it is possible to put wallpaper on a wallpapered wall, although it is not always the best solution. Above all, if at some point you decide to remove the wallpaper completely, it will cost you much more effort if there are several layers of materials. For this reason, it is best to remove the oldest paper.

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