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Choosing wallpaper for your home is not always easy. There are thousands of models, and not only in terms of design, but also in terms of their characteristics. Once the choice has been made, it is time to apply it to the wall with a suitable product: cellulose or methyl cellulose glue, ready-mixed or powdered to be mixed? The finish may depend on the choice. But there is one way not to get confused: universal glue.


Why choose universal glue?

It is true that each type of wallpaper has its own conditions when it comes to installation, e.g. weight. It is also true that there are different adhesives, specifically designed for them. However, not everything has to be so complicated. Universal glue is perfectly suitable and guarantees an optimum result if it is applied correctly.

The advantages of universal wallpaper glue are many, especially for those who are new to wallpapering:

- You no longer have to make a choice depending on the type of wallpaper to be installed. 

- When two types of wallpaper with different characteristics are to be applied, the universal glue is much easier to apply.

- These glues are specifically designed not only for all types of wallpaper, but also for all types of backing. They stick well on any porous surface, from plaster or plasterboard to brick or even wood. 

If you choose a ready-made universal glue, it comes ready for direct application, with no mixing and no lumps to spoil the finish. 

- This type of product, on the other hand, can withstand humidity without any problems. This means that it can be applied in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

- These glues offer high performance, which is why they are usually more economical.


Types of universal glue

The most convenient is to use ready-made universal glue. Using it is as simple as opening the container and that's it. You just have to be careful how long you let it sit on the wallpaper after applying the product. Moreover, it can be found in containers of different capacities.

However, it is also possible to buy universal glue to be prepared at the moment the wallpaper is going to be applied. It is also available in different formats, both in powder and liquid form to be mixed with water. It is a good solution when wallpapering a large surface area.

In either case, it is important to mix the product very well with the water to achieve a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Once it has been made, it is important to respect the resting time indicated on the label, which may vary slightly from one universal glue to another, depending on the manufacturer.

Another precaution has to do with the water added to the mixture. The amount should be appropriate for the type of wallpaper to be applied, especially taking into account its weight. The aim is to achieve the right consistency to ensure adequate adhesion to the substrate. 

In general, the percentage is usually included on the packaging or in the instructions. In any case and in a very generic way, it should be taken into account that the heavier the paper, the denser the mixture should be to guarantee a good grip of the wallpaper.

The advantage of this type of universal glue is that, if there is any glue left over once it has been prepared, it can be easily stored in an airtight container for later use. If it has thickened when opened, the solution is as simple as adding a little water.

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