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The case, rapport or raccord of the wallpaper, is the measure that must be added when cutting the strips of wallpaper to allow the figures of your design to fit into the wallpaper. It is always added from the second strip onwards and gives a surplus that must be removed once the wallpaper has been correctly laid.

It is essential to take the case into account when applying the wallpaper if you want to achieve good results. The label on the roll of wallpaper should indicate when the pattern needs to be matched. The aim is to achieve a continuity effect that is attractive.

Before explaining how to hang wallpaper with a case, a clarification is necessary. The case means that fewer strips can be used from each roll of paper. So it is essential to establish how many units you should buy for your room.

This is how it works. The first strip is cut to the size of the wall. From the second one onwards, all the cuts will be made with the sum of the height of the wall plus the case. That piece that seems to be left over is the one that will help you during the installation. You can use it to cover certain areas such as the upper part of a door area.

For this reason when you choose a wallpaper with a cassette you will have to buy more rolls so that you don't get the job half done. Once you have done this, you can install the cassette wallpaper.


Steps to follow when installing cassette wallpaper

Keeping order is very important during the installation of the case wallpaper. Once you have cut the strips, a good technique is to do a good dry planning. 

The best thing to do is to pre-fit the wallpaper pattern on a surface before installing it, playing with the margin provided by the case. Once the wallpaper is securely in place, you can cut off the excess with a ruler and a cutter. You can leave a couple of centimetres of margin that you can remove when you have glued the strip to the wall. 

If you decide that you are going to prepare all the strips to be glued in a row, you can help yourself by arranging them according to how they are going to be placed. You can put indications (with pencil) with order aids such as strip 1, 2, 3, etc. Or markings such as "right side of door" or "corner". Another marking that can help you a lot is to put an arrow to know the position of the paper.

In many explanations of how to hang wallpaper with case, it is often said that it should be placed by eye after the first strip of wallpaper has been laid. Doing it this way can be quite dangerous, especially if you are not an experienced wallpaperer. That is why it is better to have foresight and not act on the fly.

Other considerations you should take into account when installing wallpaper with a case

The installation of the first strip is essential. This is crucial to ensure that the entire wallpaper installation goes smoothly. It is therefore important to make sure that it is completely straight with the help of a spirit level. Once this operation has been completed, you can lay the rest of the strips.

There are several things to bear in mind. In most cases, the beginning of the pattern of the case wallpaper is at the beginning of the roll. This should be placed at the top of the wall and the successive strips will be in the same position.

However, it can happen that the case is reversed. In this case the laying of the wallpaper can be complicated. Each strip must be rotated 180 degrees before hanging (this is where the arrowed indications will be very useful). This is necessary if the pattern is to be followed correctly.

If, despite all these measures, you are not able to fit the pattern, it is most likely that you are using the wrong glue or even that you are pulling the paper and distorting it. Check with the supplier or manufacturer if you have any doubts.

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