كيفية تغطية GOTELÉ لتثبيت ورق الحائط؟

Putting wallpaper on stippled walls is possible. The first thing to do is to achieve a sufficiently uniform surface so that it can be done properly. To do this, there are several techniques that will give you the results you want.  

When the paint is plastic, one of the options is to sand the wall to make the irregularities of the stippled paint reduce or even disappear. This method requires a lot of effort and you will probably need specialised machinery to get the desired results and the most powerful sandpaper on the market. Your wall will then be ready for wallpaper

¿Cómo cubrir gotelé para instalar papel pintado?

If the stippling has been done in tempera, you will only need water and a spatula to remove it. It will also take a long time to achieve a smooth surface and at the end you will need to use a fine-grit sandpaper to get a good finish.

One of the disadvantages of sanding the wall to remove the stippled paint is that it generates a lot of dust that will make a mess all over your house. That is why it is advisable to clean constantly to prevent it from accumulating.

Another alternative is to cover the stippled paint to achieve a completely smooth wall. To do this, use a putty designed for this purpose and a roller. The whole process can take about two days and then the walls are ready for wallpaper.


To cover the stippled wallpaper, there are a few simple steps to be followed

The first thing to do is to prepare the wall. If there are any protrusions that are too pronounced, it is advisable to reduce them with the help of a spatula. This is also a good time to solve any problems you may encounter, such as damp or small holes. 

Cover door and window frames with duct tape. Also protect furniture and floors from staining. The applied paint usually splashes a lot and it is advisable to protect yourself as well. 

Now you have everything ready to make the stippled paint disappear and leave your walls ready for wallpaper. Remember that if the wall has tempera paint, it will need a previous coat of primer. 


The paste you are going to use can be found in two formats: ready-to-use and powdered.

In the second case you will have to mix it with water following the manufacturer's instructions. Soak the roller well and start applying it in the less visible areas to get some practice. 

It is best to work in sections rather than covering a large area. Apply with the roller and smooth with a trowel. Allow to dry for approximately four hours before repeating the process. After the second drying time you should use a fine grit sandpaper. This will provide the uniformity you need.

Once you have finished with the entire wall it is a good idea to remove the dust and apply a primer that will make it easier to apply the wallpaper. This method is quite cheap and easy to do.

Another way to cover the stippled wallpaper is to use cork sheets that are placed on the wall and provide the smooth surface you need. They are quite easy to obtain and place. Once they are in place, all you have to do is apply the wallpaper of your choice.

Gotelé doesn't stop you from having the decor you've always wanted. Making it disappear is quite simple, although it does require a certain amount of patience. Getting a smooth surface is always the key. Remember that you can always call on the help of a professional painter who can help you to solve all the problems you may encounter when putting up your wallpaper.

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