كيفية ورق الحائط بالأبواب والنوافذ

You've probably seen many tutorials and read many tips on how to hang wallpaper, both on our website and elsewhere. It is important that you inform yourself if you are going to do it yourself, because we don't want something that we are going to see every day to look bad.

That's why today we want to talk about what to do when we find doors or windows on a wall. Don't worry, it's easier than it seems, you just need a little more skill and, above all, to press the wallpaper from the end towards the door or window frame.


Step by step how to put wallpaper on doors

We'll start with the doors, which you'll find in every room, although sometimes the wallpaper is only installed on one wall. Our children's bedroom, for example, can have children's wallpaper to give it more joy and fun, and we must take care that it looks good.

Start by lining up the pattern of the strips so that it looks good, and start pressing from the highest part of the ceiling. You can use your own hand, but we recommend doing it with a wallpaper brush, so you will get a smoother paper without irregularities.

the edge of a ruler or the non-cutting part of a pair of scissors, lightly mark the door frame on the wallpaper. Be careful not to spoil it, do it gently and without sharp elements. Now cut out what is on the paper, leaving about two or three centimetres from the line marked as overlap. It will be easier if you lift the edge a little.

With this excess wallpaper already removed, make a small cut in the corner of the frame, with the idea of being able to fold this overlap along the structure of the door. Finally, press the paper with a specialised spatula or a simple ruler to fix it in place. Now it's time to cut the overlap that has been created along the frame and finish off the details.

Cutting overlaps and adding more strips

When the first strip is in place, you will have a small overhang of a couple of centimetres if you have measured correctly. With a wallpaper knife or box cutter, and the help of a ruler, make the cut so that it completely covers the wall, but does not mount on the door frame.

When you have this ready, it will be time to install a new strip in the upper area of the door, which will probably be no more than 30 or 50 centimetres high. Depending on the width of your door you will need one or two, but that won't be a problem. Remember to align the patterns and leave 2 centimetres above the ceiling and another 2 centimetres above the frame.

Again, fix the paper to the edge of the frame as explained in the previous section, and cut off the excess. Now all you have to do is, depending on the size, place the strip of wallpaper on the other door frame. Follow the above steps in exactly the same way, and you will have overcome this challenge.

 Installing wallpaper on windows, folded inwards

Now that we've seen how to overlap the doors, it's time to tackle the windows. As usual, measure everything well and cut the strip you need, always bearing in mind the pattern you have to follow.

As we have done before, but towards the inside, we must leave a little overlap so that the edge is clean. Two centimetres will be enough to carefully cut off the excess both under the lintel and at the top of the window sill. In this way, the wallpaper will fit all the corners.

The next strip will be placed in the area of the window lintel, so it will be placed above the previous one and respecting the pattern. For this, it is important that the wallpaper used is of low grammage, otherwise it is likely to look unattractive.

In the case of thicker wallpaper, such as vinyl, you would have to resort to what is known as double seam cutting. In this way, you will complete the entire edge of the window in the same way as you did with the door.

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