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One of the questions we get asked the most by our customers after a while is how to clean wallpaper and at ALF&mabi we have our own tricks to make your wallpaper look as good as new and last longer.

Perhaps cleaning wallpaper can be a bit complicated but it is much simpler than you think. A very important tip is that before cleaning the entire wallpapered wall, you should test a piece of wallpaper to make sure that the wallpaper is not affected by the use of soap.

Cleaning wallpaper ensures that it always stays clean and that dust does not dull the brightness of the wallpaper in your home.

In addition, a good wallpaper cleaning also guarantees a longer durability of the wallpaper, as it will remain in better conditions for a longer period of time. At ALF&mabi we want you to become an expert in the world of wallpaper. In this article you will discover how often you should clean your wallpaper and the benefits of cleaning it.

To keep wallpaper looking good, it should be cleaned from time to time, ideally five or six times a year.

In fact, it is much more effective to clean it every two months, as it will take less time than just once a year. However, if you prefer not to clean your wallpaper as often, read on to find out how to keep it cleaner for longer.

Equally, before you start cleaning your wallpaper it's important to be clear about what type of wallpaper it is, like our Snow gold wallpaper, we love the elegant feel it brings to a home's décor.

If you are going to place the wallpaper in a high traffic area, such as the children's room or the hallway, you should choose a wallpaper that is washable like the ones we have in our ALF&mabi online shop. In addition, you should always take into account the manufacturer's recommendations.

Before cleaning the wallpaper, you must first remove the dust either with a soft brush or with a hoover if you have one. This step is very important as dust accumulates very easily.

To begin with, we must have neutral soap and a clean cloth, avoiding in any case any product containing bleach or any similar solution. The movements should be gentle and careful to remove all the dirt from the wallpaper.

After cleaning with neutral soap, use a little water and the same cloth to remove the excess soap, so that the wallpaper will look as good as new.

In our ALF&mabi online shop we have a wide range of washable and resistant wallpapers. We are sure you will find the wallpaper that best suits what you are looking for and you will love it.

Fill your home with magic with our wallpapers, framed art prints and wall murals.

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