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The feeling that a foyer should convey is, this is your home! It's the first room you come across when you enter a house and first impressions are essential to make your guests feel comfortable.

Entrance hall wallpaper is the perfect alternative to create the space you have always wanted, as it offers you a wide range of patterns and colours so that you can find the one that best suits your personality and tastes.

This resource offers the possibility of making the most of your potential to visually change your entrance hall.

The most important thing when it comes to determining the spaciousness of a room is the height of the ceiling. With wallpaper you can make small foyers with high ceilings feel more spacious.

Sometimes an excessively high ceiling can create a feeling of endless walls, diminishing the effect of visual expansion. This is where wallpaper comes into play, our recommendation in these cases is to wallpaper the wall that is most visible when you enter the hall or if you prefer you can wallpaper all the walls with a neutral wallpaper so that it is not too heavy.

For low ceilings, a particular type of wallpaper should be used to create the impression of a high ceiling. For this type of hallway, wallpapers with vertical stripes are perfect to achieve the desired results.

The entrance is a very important space that attracts attention directly and it is important to make a good impression on guests visiting our home. The wallpaper used to decorate entrance halls should reflect good taste and should represent us.

Wallpaper patterns are very varied. You can find everything from classic styles to extravagant designs for a more modern audience.

Striped wallpaper patterns are available in different styles. Stripes stand out mainly as a classic pattern that is often found in entrance halls. Striped designs with elements of nature bring movement and not heaviness to the walls.

There is no better welcome than a floral wallpaper to decorate the entrance of your home. Prints with twigs, flowers or natural motifs such as trees bring a lot of warmth to the room. To create a more luxurious and stylish entrance, wallpapers in beige and gold tones are ideal.

Our Blue Paisley wallpaper is perfect for this type of room and adds a classic touch to the décor. The Persian design that was so fashionable in the 70s and has now become a vintage model.


Entrance halls with stairs get dirty quite regularly, as it is a busy area of the house and prone to people bumping into each other, so it is important that the wallpaper you choose to decorate your entrance hall is washable.

Wallpapers are classified as washable and super washable. At ALF&mabi we have a wide variety of wallpapers in different designs, and they are particularly suitable for entrance halls or hallways, as stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth and neutral soap.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that in entrance halls, furniture is moved around a lot, children play and if we have pets, it is often the favourite place for these furry little ones. That's why we need to make sure that the wallpaper is resistant to minor scratches.

To ensure that your hallway is warm and welcoming, you must take into account the lighting, natural light will always bring out the wallpaper to decorate hallways in a positive way. But always make sure that this light does not fall directly on the wallpaper so that it stays in place and avoids possible discolouration, changes, tears, etc.

Neutral colours such as white are very popular for decorating hallways with wallpaper. If you have a staircase in your hallway a wallpaper with vertical stripes will bring more space to this area of the house.

Another type of wallpaper that always looks great in the hall is animal prints such as seagulls, elephants, etc. You will bring a casual and fun touch to your guests when they visit your home.

The Birds and branches wallpaper with a reproduction of watercolour drawings of branches, birds and lighthouses is an ideal design to decorate the entrance hall or entrance of your home. We also recommend it for beach houses.

With these interesting proposals that we have presented you, you no longer have any excuse to have an ideal entrance hall with wallpaper. Start by wallpapering the entrance hall and continue throughout the house - you'll love it! 

Fill your home with magic with our wallpapers, framed art prints and wall murals.

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