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The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, it is a space with multiple functions: cooking, breakfast, eating with the family, or having a coffee with friends. We could define the kitchen as a very important room for daily use.

In this ALF&mabi post we will talk to you about modern wallpapers for the kitchen, an economical, quality alternative to renew the aesthetics and achieve the kitchen you have always wanted.

Decorating the kitchen with wallpaper is one of the most popular trends nowadays and with very good results. This decoration technique offers the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of wallpapers that adapt perfectly to our tastes and needs.

Kitchen wallpaper brings warmth and style to the kitchen. Apart from offering great decorative possibilities, with a choice of original patterns, it is the easiest way to leave behind paint and traditional tiles. Your kitchen will dazzle and the best thing is that you will not find another similar kitchen.

With this resource you will be able to create a creative environment in which you will feel at ease and motivated to bring out the cook in you and make those dishes that you have never dared to make.

Normally the kitchen walls are usually tiled and sometimes the concern arises as to whether it is possible to put wallpaper on tiles, it is possible but we must take into account these couple of tips. Firstly, we must bear in mind that we must cover it correctly so that the joints of the tiles are not visible. Secondly, the kitchen is a place with a high level of humidity, dirt and grease that is produced when cooking and you should be very careful with this.

Kitchen wallpaper should mainly be resistant so that it is not easily damaged by fumes and the aesthetics of the kitchen can be affected.

It must be easy to clean, so that it can be enjoyed day after day and that is why our ALF&mabi wallpapers are washable and are made of a paper-based material with interwoven textile fibres, making them easier to apply and remove. It is a material that can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth and neutral soap, and is also resistant to humidity, making it perfect for kitchens.

You should also take into account the area of the kitchen where you are going to place the wallpaper, as each place requires a series of cares. It is important not to place it in the area where the sink is located or near the hob, as high levels of humidity, vapours and grease splashes can damage it. In this way we guarantee the durability of the wallpaper in the kitchen.

If you want to get the most out of your kitchen wallpaper, the best option is to place it in the most prominent areas to enhance the decoration of the room.

For smaller kitchens we recommend choosing wallpaper with smaller designs, while for larger kitchens we recommend the opposite, a design with larger and more eye-catching elements.

At ALF&mabi we have a wide variety of wallpaper for modern kitchens. You can choose from more classic and subtle designs to more eye-catching and modern prints.

If the kitchen is not very well lit, a wallpaper with a lighter background will enhance the brightness of the kitchen and give it a more spacious feel.

Our Verbena wallpaper with a delicate leaf and blossom design creates a striped effect on the wall. In shades of grey-green and dusty pink, it is an understated wallpaper with plenty of character.

It is perfect for kitchens, with neutral tones and Provencal design, it helps to enhance the decoration, thus achieving a unique and bright space.

If you need the wallpaper to be even more resistant and washable, you can seal it by using a liquid that provides more protection to the wallpaper.

Normally all wallpaper protection products are suitable for all types of wallpaper, but they are particularly suitable for TNT wallpapers such as ours.

These products are used to protect the wallpaper in the rooms and prevent it from getting dirty easily, thus guaranteeing a longer durability. It is recommended for bathrooms, kitchens or areas with a high number of people, such as a corridor.

The following is a list of wallpaper protection products (mostly made in Germany but available internationally):

Molto Tapetenschutz
Pufas Tapeten- und Anstrichschutz

In our online shop you can find different types and models of kitchen wallpaper.

As mentioned above, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home and the one in which we spend the most time as a family. Kitchen wallpaper gives you the opportunity to renovate your kitchen in a simple and quick way, without having to carry out building work or renovations.

Another advantage of using wallpaper for kitchen walls is that you can change the aesthetics of the kitchen whenever you feel like it and even do it yourself without any problem and we assure you that you will have very good results.

ALF&mabi wallpapers are the perfect fusion of quality, good taste and originality. They help to create a unique and distinctive space. You can find us in our online shop, we will be happy to help you find the wallpaper that best suits your kitchen.

Fill your home with magic with our wallpapers, framed art prints and wall murals.

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