If someone close to you has recently had a baby, you are probably looking through all the birth gifts that are currently on the market. There are a multitude of options such as toys, clothes, hygiene articles, nappy cakes (of course), etc. Looking for something more original? Give children's pictures as a gift.

At ALF&mabi we have a selection of children's paintings that are ideal for decorating a baby's room. They are very special birth gifts that are sure to be received with great joy. They stand out for their special colour and for a wide variety of proposals that fit in all kinds of environments.
Do you want to know more about children's paintings? Read on to find out more about these beautiful decorative elements!

There are many reasons to choose these illustrations as a gift to celebrate the arrival of a baby:

They will be used in the baby's room for years to come. In this way you are present in a beautiful way in a very important space for the development of the little one. You can collaborate with the decoration and at the same time leave your mark.

They have designs designed for newborns. They are drawings with soft colours that create the right atmosphere for a baby's bedroom. As the baby grows, they will help in their development by encouraging creativity. They also help to create relaxed spaces to encourage rest.

They adapt to any type of decoration. You can look for the children's pictures that best fit in with the design chosen for the baby's room. It is very practical to consult the parents to find the perfect drawing.

It is a birth gift for the whole family. Not only the baby will enjoy it. The parents will also receive the children's picture with great joy. Bear in mind that you are helping to solve part of the decoration of the baby's room.

With all these reasons, you can be sure that a children's picture is a great option. Now all you have to do is choose the option that will best suit as a gift for the newborn.

At ALF&mabi you can find a very interesting variety of children's paintings that you can use as a gift for a newborn. These are some of the proposals that are sure to be a success.

Pictures full of fantasy
Perfect for creating a fairytale world where the little one can develop their imagination as they grow up. You can find dragons, princesses and unicorns that will create a unique atmosphere. They are perfect to add a lot of colour to the baby's room, look how beautiful they are!

Children's pictures to create a beautiful sky
Sun, moon and stars are used with cute smiles to help create a nice atmosphere for baby's room - give them all to create an even more spectacular effect! It's one of the best birth gifts you can make!

Children's animal pictures
Adorable companions that are perfect for a nursery. With this type of birth gifts you can create a theme for the baby's room. The best thing is that they are very colourful and fun. Perfect for them to become the protagonists of children's games when the child grows up.

Children's pictures with smiling characters
Decoration is very important to create the right atmosphere. In a baby's room it is necessary that there is always an atmosphere of happiness and calm. Newborns are especially sensitive to the environment around them. That's why you can create a very pleasant place by using these children's pictures in which the smile is the main protagonist.

As you can see there are many alternatives and the designs are perfect for children's rooms. They are perfect birth gifts that you are sure to get right. Besides, if you take into account the decoration of the baby's room, the effect of the gift is even greater. Don't you think they are a great idea?

At Alf&mabi you can find these and other designs of children's pictures. You can also check out the incredible wallpaper catalogue which are perfect for a baby's room and which combine perfectly with these prints. For a big surprise, how about giving a complete decoration of the baby's bedroom as a gift? It will be a gift they will never forget.

Visit our online shop now and check out all the possibilities. The best thing is that you can buy everything comfortably from home through our online shop. With this great idea, your choice is sure to stand out from all the other birth gifts!

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