Frequently asked questions - ALF&mabi wallpapers


How do I calculate the number of rolls I need for my wall?

All wallpapers in our online shop have a roll calculator. The calculation automatically takes into account each specific model and whether or not the design has a case/rapport. Just add the measurements of your wall (width x height) in the fields and you will see the total amount of rolls needed for your wall.

How long does it take for the wallpaper to arrive?

Most of the products in our catalogue are in stock and are shipped quickly, within 1-2 working days. Other products are made to order and have a longer lead time, up to 10 working days. This information can be found in the description of each product on the website. Once the package leaves our warehouse, we send an email to the customer with a tracking link so that they can track and manage the delivery, which usually takes 24-48 hours.


Are the colours of the wallpaper the same as those seen on the website?

The shades that you see in the photos of our products are pretty close to the printed version of the roll. It is true that there may be a difference in shade from one screen to another, but what we see are very satisfied customers with our products, whose feedback is that the printed paper is much nicer than the online version. So we don't think there's a better thermometer than this :) In any case, if you order a roll and you see that the colour is not what you expected, you can return it to us as long as the product is unopened. Check our return policy here. 

Is it possible to order wallpaper samples?

Yes, we have samples of most of the wallpaper models in our catalogue available for purchase. The price of each sample is 5€ + shipping and handling. The samples are sent within 4 working days and have an approximate size of 30cm x 40cm. If you are interested in ordering a sample, please contact us by email at informing the paper model and the shipping address of the samples. We will get back to you as soon as possible :)

What type of Alf&mabi wallpaper is it?

Our wallpapers are made on TNT (non-woven) backing: a washable, resistant paper with a grammage of 150 g/m2. This type of paper is made from natural fibres (cellulose) and synthetic fibres (polyester), which are bonded together in the production process to form a stable, tear-resistant product that is also breathable. Both characteristics make non-woven wallpapers extremely resistant to mould and mildew. This material has been the darling of the wallpaper market since it was launched in the 1990s and has many qualities in its favour. In addition to those already mentioned, there is also the ease of installation, as the glue is applied directly to the wall and not to the paper, thus facilitating the process. TNT wallpapers are washable (they can be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap) and can be used in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms (always avoiding walls with direct and abundant contact with water and heat). Finally, when it is time to remove the strips, they come off without difficulty and leave no residue on the wall.


How are the wallpapers installed?

When you buy our wallpapers, you will find the installation instructions on the back of the inside label of the roll. The installation process is simple and similar to any other installation of TNT wallpaper, which is glued to the wall. In this video we show you the main tricks for a successful installation:


Can I put wallpaper on stippled walls?

It is not advisable to put wallpaper on walls with stippled paint. Ideally, both for the best adhesion and for the finish of the wallpaper, the wall should be smooth, sanded and prepared with at least one coat of paint (preferably white, especially if you choose a wallpaper with a white background design).

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