To put up wallpaper, as well as having some skill, you also need to have the right tools. In addition to paper and glue, there are a whole series of wallpapering tools that are essential for carrying out different steps throughout the process.

If you want to be really prepared to put up wallpaper in your home, remember that you cannot be without the elements that we are going to list below. It is very convenient that you gather them all together and that you have them at hand during the whole process.


Wallpaperer's tools to prepare the wall

One of the essential steps in putting up wallpaper is to work on the surface of the wall so that you can install the wallpaper correctly. The tools you will need are as follows:

*Metal spatula. This second wallpapering tool is used to prepare the wall before applying the wallpaper. It can be used to remove paint or anything that prevents the wallpaper from being installed correctly, such as stippled wallpaper.

*Sandpaper. This is also a wallpaperer's tool used to achieve an even surface on the wall before applying the wallpaper. You can start with a larger grit and then change to a smaller grit to achieve a more flawless result.

*Large roller. You will need it to apply filler paste to make the stippling disappear. Remember that for it to work properly, it must be of sufficient quality to ensure that you get the best results.


Wallpaperer's tools to apply the wallpaper

To put up the wallpaper, you will need everything you need to make it easier to cut the strips and install them correctly. To do this you will need the following:

*Cutter or knife. It is used to cut the paper once you have measured it. The first one allows you to make clean cuts with a single gesture. With the latter you will need a ruler to make a straight cut. There are also scissors that are used for this purpose, but their cut is somewhat more imprecise.

*Plummet. A simple way to ensure that the wallpaper is in the right position. This is one of the wallpaperer's must-have tools that is used with the first strip of paper to make sure it stays in place and to take it as a reference.

*Measuring tape. To make the measurements you need both to calculate the wallpaper and to cut the strips. With this wallpapering tool you will have to be especially meticulous to ensure that the installation is flawless. You can choose between a folding tape measure or a tape measure which will give you similar results.

*Glueing iron. This is one of the basic wallpapering tools you can't be without. Its bristles must be strong and allow an even application on the wallpaper as well as on the wall. To do this, it must have a good number of bristles that should be quite thick.

*Jointing rollers. These are slightly smaller in size and are used for more precise work or on more delicate wallpaper. Of all the wallpapering tools, this is the one you will use to get the right finish and avoid visible joints.

*Large spatula. Used to remove bubbles that appear when the wallpaper is installed or to remove excess glue. This wallpapering tool is used to apply the right pressure to pull the air or adhesive out from under the paper.


Other items needed when wallpapering

Finally, you will need to have other items that are not specifically considered wallpapering tools but will be of great help to you. This group includes protective equipment that you can wear such as gloves, goggles or overalls. This will help you to avoid possible accidents and to prevent your clothes or skin from getting stained.

You should also have cleaning tools at hand to remove any splashes of glue or other substances such as sealant. To protect furniture you can use plastic sheeting or large sheets. For the floor you can use newspaper or cardboard. Door and window frames can be covered with masking tape if necessary.

Now you have a list of all the wallpaperer's tools. With all these elements you will be able to put up the wallpaper without any problems and you will be able to achieve the results you want. So, let's get to work!

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