Wallpaper is a decorative resource that is currently being widely used. It is a great tool for personalising all types of rooms, giving the walls a greater prominence. It also serves to highlight and differentiate spaces.

For all these reasons, many creative minds decide to exploit all the possibilities of wallpaper. One of them is to use it on furniture to give it a greater presence and impact in any room. But can wallpaper really be used in this way?

This original use provides a multitude of opportunities in decoration. But you have to know how to apply it in the right way. Not all types of wallpaper can be used for this purpose. There are some that are more delicate and cannot withstand the excessive contact with people that some furniture comes into contact with during use.

It is advisable that it is easily washable as it will be more exposed to dirt when placed on a piece of furniture. Look for those that guarantee all these characteristics and also guarantee a lot of resistance.

As is always the case with wallpaper, it is always advisable to place it on a smooth and even surface. This will determine the part of the furniture on which the wallpaper can be placed. It will be rather more difficult to place it on the more angular or rounded areas.

Therefore the perfect places are doors and the inside of cupboards. Using wallpaper on the inside of furniture has a great aesthetic effect that causes quite a lot of surprise and admiration. In children's bedrooms, using this decorative element in this particular way gives very good results.


A very similar process is followed for wallpaper on furniture 

Putting wallpaper on furniture is not very different from putting it on a wall. The surface must first be prepared by removing dirt and grime with soap and water. Using a coat of primer in the area where you want to stick it is also another step that is repeated in this process.

This applies to both wood and plastic. In both cases you proceed in the same way. These are the materials that are usually found in the finishing of furniture in general. For glass however this process does not work and you will have to use double-sided tape.

One of the specifications that the installation of wallpaper on furniture does have is that you will have to cut it into different shapes. To do this you should use a ruler and a pair of scissors. You will have to carry out this task with a lot of precision in order to lose as little paper as possible.

It can be very useful to make a "pattern" of the areas of the furniture you want to cover with wallpaper to be on the safe side. If you have to cut curved lines, you can use a round element and a specific blade to cut wallpaper.

After applying the glue and once the wallpaper has been placed on the piece of furniture, you should proceed in the same way as if you had done it on a wall. You will have to make the bubbles disappear by pushing them to the edge with a clean cloth. This will also remove the excess glue. Now all you need to do is let it dry and you can enjoy your furniture.

Using wallpaper on furniture can be used to give it a unique touch or even restore it. At ALF&Mabi you can find the most interesting proposals to decorate your home the way you like. Visit our website now to see our catalogue, don't wait any longer!

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