Gotelé is present in many Spanish homes. This technique consists of using thicker paint that is distributed over the surface using specific tools. The result is a series of lumps that serve as decoration and also serve to cover flaws.

Gotelé is quite cheap and easy to apply. That is why it is common to find it in a large number of homes. However, with the passage of time, aesthetic tastes have changed and this way of treating walls is no longer preferred.

Walls are preferred smooth as it contributes to the clarity of the shapes of the spaces. The roughness of gotelé does not fit in with a large part of decorative styles that seek cleaner spaces with uniform colours. Furthermore, in many cases it is perceived as a way of hiding poor finishes in the construction of a home.

On the other hand, gotelé makes it difficult to clean the room. It is a place where dust and dirt can accumulate. In addition, the continuous rubbing in certain areas can cause wear and tear, resulting in an unaesthetic and uneven appearance.

Gotelé is very limiting when it comes to designing spaces. The uneven surface does not allow other types of textures to be achieved using different paints. But if there is one thing that has definitely caused the downfall of gotelé, it has undoubtedly been the use of wallpaper.


Putting wallpaper over stippled paint is possible if the wall is treated properly.

You are probably wondering if it is possible to put wallpaper directly on the stippled paint. The answer in principle is no. It needs a smooth and even surface to be able to be applied correctly and give the right results.

One of the first reasons is the way the wallpaper is placed on the wall. If there are any irregularities, the wallpaper can become slightly raised, especially in the area of the joints. There is also a risk of tearing, as the stippled wallpaper can have small peaks that can tear the material.

On the other hand, the pattern or design of the wallpaper will not look very attractive due to the roughness of the stippled wallpaper. Shadows are created, which will prevent the smallest details from being clearly visible. Some areas will be a little distorted and may even produce small wrinkles. This will be more evident when the wallpaper contains geometric shapes.

Does this mean that if your wall has gotelé you will never be able to apply wallpaper? No, that is an absolute statement. If the wallpaper is thick enough and the stippling is small enough, you will get good results.

There are also techniques that help you to solve the irregularities of the stippling so that the wallpaper can be applied without any problems. You can sand the wall until you get a sufficiently smooth surface or you can cover it to make it disappear.

Therefore, if you have decided to put up wallpaper in your home and you have stippled walls, you don't have to give it all up for lost, it can be put up if you do it in the right way and treat the surface beforehand. This way you can achieve the design you want for your home.

Wallpaper will give you much more visual richness to your home. You will be surprised by the change that occurs when you stop seeing the stippled wallpaper and start seeing all kinds of shapes and colours. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended design resource.


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