If you are thinking of renovating the decoration of your hallway, wallpaper is a very simple way to transform rooms. Wallpaper is easy to apply, versatile, durable and practical, as well as hiding minor imperfections in the walls and creating a different atmosphere.

Hallways are usually the smallest spaces in the house, so putting wallpaper in the hallway will be a quick process.

In our ALF&mabi online shop we have a wide variety of styles, from subtle and discreet to bold and vibrant designs. Here are some tips and ideas for wallpapering hallways.

Neutral wallpaper adds depth to the hallway helping to create a seamless blend with all the rooms that are connected to the hallway. Adding subtle wallpaper to hallways creates a simple and interesting space.

Such as our Leaves wallpaper, with a delicate pattern to create harmony. Certainly, wallpaper gives you a lot of scope when it comes to decorating, it has the ability to turn a room into a visually interesting space.

Why not bring a garden of joy into your hallway with a floral wallpaper? If you have a large hallway, a wallpaper with larger flowers will look great and won't be overwhelming to the eye. Another recommendation when it comes to wallpaper in the hallway is that the background should be white so that it complements the other decorative elements evenly.

On the other hand, if the corridor in your home is smaller and narrower, we recommend minimalist wallpaper with a discreet pattern. Combined with a pendant lamp in a neutral tone, it brings elegance and sophistication to the hallway.

For those restless minds who love contemporary decoration, we have the perfect option, a geometric patterned wallpaper such as the Cologne wallpaper. It is ideal for giving a unique look to the room with its elegant gold and off-white design.

Finally we want to give you a little tip ALF&mabi, we know that sometimes corridors can be a bit dark spaces, but this can be a good way to transmit comfort and warmth. Play with that darkness to renovate your hallway with a darker patterned wallpaper. Combine it with lighter objects (a lamp, a small table, a picture, etc.).

Visit our ALF&mabi online shop and discover our wide range of wallpapers to decorate your hallway and create a unique space.

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