Are you thinking of changing the decoration of your child's room? Certainly when our children move from being children to a more adolescent age, not only do they change, but also their tastes and personality.

Wallpaper is a quick and affordable option to change your child's room in a jiffy and achieve a dream decor. This change in the room is very important as they will be aware that they are growing up and leaving childhood behind.

When choosing wallpaper for a youth bedroom it is important that you take into account your child's style, as you will be creating a personal space in which they should feel comfortable, bearing in mind that they will be spending many hours in the room. Whether it's doing homework, listening to music, playing video games, etc.

Youth wallpaper for walls allows you to renovate the bedroom without the need for building work or investing too much, as well as providing the room with more space and style.

In our online shop you can find a wide range of juvenile wallpapers to transform your child's room very easily. All you have to do is choose the wallpaper that best suits the space, the decoration and the child's personality.

It is important that the wallpaper you choose is of good quality to guarantee its durability. Our wallpapers are made of TNT wallpaper (non-woven fabric) which makes them resistant and washable. They are very easy to hang, for which we recommend Bartoline glue, which you can also find in our ALF&mabi online shop.

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of options, we have designs with floral motifs, polka dots, stars, neutral colours, dark colours, etc.

Don't miss some of the models we bring you to decorate kids' rooms, take note!

Create a warm and cosy atmosphere in youth rooms with our dark green snow wallpaper. Its geometric design will give the decoration a touch of sobriety and style. This wallpaper brings vitality and brightness to youth rooms.

papel pintado para habitaciones juveniles

Cologne green wallpaper is an excellent way to add personality and create a youthful room with a fun touch.
To decorate young rooms for girls, we leave you with these options that we are sure you will love.

Our geometrical branches wallpaper is a very elegant and versatile model that combines very well with any type of decoration that your little girl likes.

Papel pintado juvenil

Finally, our last option for girls' rooms, our Carolina Beige wallpaper is perfect for creating a modern and elegant ambience at the same time. All our wallpapers transmit peace and tranquillity to the room.

At ALF&mabi we help you to create the ideal room for your child, we take care of producing the designs, you only have to worry about choosing the wallpaper you like the most and enjoy.

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