Princess Corazona Framed Print

€39,00 EUR

Inspired by the drawing of a very special little girl named Mabi, from when she was only four years old, Princess Corazona (that's how the designer originally named her) has long hair and hands, feet and a face in the shape of a heart. In our version of the design we have used a soft shade of pink for her outfit, which contrasts beautifully with her long light gold hair.

The painting is sent wrapped in tissue paper in a personalized box: a good option for children's birth or birthday gifts.

Product details:
Frame width: 33 cm
Length: 43 cm
Height: 4 cm
Art print size: 30cm x 40cm

 It is made of fiberboard and front protection of polystyrene plastic                                                    ✓ Inner sheet of high-end textured paper 250gr with FSC certificate.                

Fast shipping:
✓ 1-2 working days 




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