Mauve, blue and ecru hanging balloon

€45,90 EUR

Our hanging hot air balloon is perfect for adding an adventurous and playful touch to a child's room. Made in soft colours of mauve, blue and ecru, it can be easily combined with other elements of the nursery decor, creating a cheerful atmosphere that stimulates the imagination of the little ones.

Lightweight and easy to install, our hanging hot air balloons are handmade with high-end products: durable polyester fabric and 100% cotton strings, with a dyed wooden basket. They look even more ideal if you play with pairs or trios of different sizes and colours on your bedroom wall.  

Available in 3 sizes
* Small - 28cm x 16cm
* Medium - 33cm x 20cm
* Large - 50cm x 30cm (Large size balloons have weights in the baskets).

Balloon: durable polyester fabric. Interior: latex tube
Strings - 100% cotton
Basket - stained wood

How to inflate:
Inflate gently with an inflator valve pump, through the valve hole at the top of the balloon. Fill the balloon until the fabric is completely smooth and even. Do not over-inflate, over-inflation can cause damage to the balloon.
* Hand inflator is not included. Any air inflator can be used to inflate the balloons.

How to install: the balloon comes with built-in fishing line and a hook with adhesive to attach to the ceiling. Hang the fishing line according to the desired height. Inflate before attaching to the ceiling.

* Delivery: 2-3 working days 


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