Little Lights

Puppy Lamp

€219,00 EUR

The Puppy lamp is an ideal addition to a child's room. Handcrafted in solid carved wood, this cute Parisian puppy is the perfect addition to a child's room decorate the children's room and at the same time provides warm light for playtime and bedtime. 

It comes with a knob where you can adjust the intensity of the light: the brightest version is ideal for playtime and reading, while the dimmer option is perfect as a night light to help little ones fall asleep. It also has a timer, so that it automatically switches off after 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

26 × 44 × 5,5 cm

✓ child-safe: with LED technology, lamps do not heat up and can stay on all night long
FMade of 100% natural pine wood 

✓ Cable length: 180cm. Warm light LED 2,2W. Entrance: CA 100-240 Exit: CC 5V
✓ Fast delivery: 1-2 working days


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