White Stork wall decoration

€79,00 EUR

With its huge wings spread wide, it flies calmly through the sky to deliver the little basket hanging from its beak. What is the stork carrying in its little bag? Where is it going with its big wings?

The white Stork wall decoration stimulates kids imagination while decorating the room with an original and playful touch. Handmade from 100% linen, the white stork is an ideal accessory for kids decoration. It comes with three strings attached, so that it can be hung from the ceiling in such a way that the stork remains with its wings open in flight position. 


* Composition: 100% linen exterior. Filled with polyester fibre. 
* Dimensions: 55cm length
* Not to be used as a toy, its function is decorative. To clean, use a damp cloth and neutral soap.

* Shipping time: 2 - 3 working days


Photos: @jennavuolle, @mamas.oogappeltjes, @deugniet_en_co


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