Goose Grace wall decoration

€84,00 EUR

An elegant goose hat to hang on the wall and give an original and romantic feel to a little girl's room. Designed in shades of powder pink, off-white and beige with a discreet touch of gold, our Gansa Grace soft toy head is a beautiful piece for kids decor.

Because of its neutral colours, this plush wall hanging can be easily combined with various wallpapers. In the pictures, the Gansa Grace is shown with our Geometric Twigs wallpaper - and we are in love with this combination ♡

The soft toy heads are handmade from high quality materials and perfectly finished. They should not be used as toys. To clean them, use a damp cloth and neutral soap.

* Composition: 100% linen exterior. Polyester fibre filling. Neck loop: velvet.

* Dimensions: 55cm x 17cm x 25cm.

* Fast shipping: 1-2 working days 



Photos: @millena___b /  


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