Circus Duck wall decoration

€79,00 EUR

It couldn't be cuter and funnier to decorate a kids room! The Circus Duck wall decoration will delight the little ones (and grown-ups too) with its little party hat and black velvet bow as the elegant finishing touch. 

Handmade from natural linen, the Circus Duck plush head has a soft light greyish beige colour to easily blend in with your kids room décor.

If you want to create an even more fun wall, combine the duck head with our decorative balloons. The two pieces together look beautiful ♥. 

* Composition: 100% linen exterior. Filled with polyester fibre. 
* Dimensions: 45cm x 15cm x 25cm.
* Not to be used as a toy, its function is decorative. To clean, use a damp cloth and neutral soap.

* Fast shipping: 1-2 working days 



Photos: @mama.obiektywnie_1 


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