Carla's room with the paper Flores del Campo

The process of renovating a little girl's room can be exciting but also challenging. Elisabeth García who goes by the profile @elisabethgarcia13, mother of Carla, shares her experience of transforming her little girl's bedroom into a versatile and cosy space that will grow with her over the years.

One of the most outstanding elements of this renovation was the choice of wallpaper.

"We had a hard time choosing the wallpaper design as they have other very nice ones and we didn't know which one to choose, in the end we chose this very simple flower design which gives it a different touch, we love the result.
The canopy we didn't know whether to choose white or pink but we thought it would give it a touch of colour and I think it was the right choice, the whole thing looks beautiful".


Another crucial element was the choice of the canopy. The doubt between white or pink persisted, but they decided that a touch of colour would be perfect to give life to the room. The choice of the pink canopy from the ALF&mabi textile collection turned out to be the right choice, bringing a special charm to the whole.




The most remarkable thing about the Flores del Campo wallpaper is its versatility. With neutral colours and simple elements, with this wallpaper model Carla's room can accompany her from childhood to adolescence without major changes. The soft, light tones create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for rest and study.

The style chosen by Elisabeth is not overdone and conveys a sense of peace and harmony. With the "Flores del Campo" wallpaper and the pink canopy as protagonists, the other elements of the decoration are kept light and neutral, allowing these elements to stand out and become the soul of the space.



The radical change in Carla's bedroom is a reflection of her mother's love and dedication to creating a space that grows with her and makes her feel comfortable and happy at every stage of her life.



Thank you very much Elisabeth for the pictures and congratulations for this beautiful room 🌸✨.

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