Vichy grey wallpaper, with its timeless and romantic design, is an ideal choice to give your home a touch of elegance and freshness. Its delicately drawn chequered pattern and neutral colour palette make it a versatile choice to suit any decorating style. This wallpaper creates a serene and welcoming ambience, perfect for spaces of relaxation and disconnection from everyday life.




Fanny, known on social media as @charlie.and.romy, recently shared the radical transformation of her daughter Romy's bedroom. For this, she has opted for grey Vichy wallpaper as the centrepiece of the decor.

"I have fallen in love with the Alfmabi wallpaper collection and it was difficult to choose between the different models, all very beautiful! For my sweet Romy's bedroom, I finally chose the Vichy grey model, which is wonderful! It has a very trendy checkered pattern that goes very well with all styles of decoration. It's very easy to hang and, most importantly, the paper is top quality".



Combined with a tented bed, a growing trend in the world of interior design, and wicker details and flower-shaped mirrors, the grey Vichy wallpaper creates a charming atmosphere full of personality in Romy's bedroom. The other elements of the décor, in light, neutral shades of pink and grey, perfectly complement the romantic and serene style of the space.

We're so glad you liked the wallpaper and found your little girl's room beautiful. It was a real pleasure to help you decorate and create a cosy and charming space for Romy 💗

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