Martina´s room

Mum Cris García has created a new room for her little girl and tells us all the details of this special change.

A few months ago we started a small renovation at home and for this reason and with the excuse that another baby was on the way, we proposed to Martina a change of room. She would leave the one she was in and move to the "toy room", which had been forgotten for a while but had always been my favourite room in the whole flat.

With my 7 month belly I was fully involved in converting the little abandoned room into the most beautiful room in the world and that this change would make her feel safe, happy and delighted with every corner. With the new room I had the opportunity to show her her new role as a big sister, to help her also with starting primary school and to feel in a place of rest but also of concentration and study at the same time.

I am a very simple person so it was clear to me that the new room would be simple but very special. The touch of raffia that I wanted was achieved with the headboard, which was a very important piece and I knew that it had to match perfectly with the wallpaper. I am a lover of liberty and wild flowers and I would want something along these lines, but I had to find it... and I don't think anyone can beat me at that!

I remember flipping through a thousand pages when I came across an advert for ALF&mabi without expecting it. I entered their wonderful website and I didn't know if I was dreaming or it was reality, they havethe most beautiful paper designs I've ever seen.

I couldn´t choose between several models until the last minute, but I knew that Martina's sweetness would be linked to the Rose Garden model more than any other. For a 6-years old child she has very clear ideas and as soon as I showed her the options she didn't hesitate for a second, Rose Garden was the one she chose. It was more than easy for me.

The installation was quick and easy, in just one hour it was up and running. The quality is impressive, both in touch and print, in this case perfect flowers and shapes with the colour as it appears on the web, and that is appreciated, as when you buy you get an idea from the small screen.

The combination that the wallpaper makes with the other elements of the bedroom is fantastic. When she saw her new room set up, her excited face made my fear of seeing how she would take the change or how she would sleep in the new space disappear in the first second. It had exceeded all her expectations without a doubt.

Here you can find out where you can find all the decorative elements for Martina's room:

  • The Preto cat headboard was the perfect way to give the Rose Garden wallpaper even more life.
  • The little Madonna from Mezzettakids makes this little corner even sweeter.
  • Maisons du Monde completed her new big girl side with the desk, chair and mirror she was so excited to have
  • Brother Cat prints that she had been saving for a couple of years and they couldn't have looked more amazing!
  • Even though the flower touch was already clearly given, she had her little crown from decoandliving, it was so ideal that she couldn't be left behind together with the dried bouquets from Colvin.
  • The Vertbaudet lamp was the perfect match for the headboard.
  • Some nice curtains and a simple but well dressed bed give a very important ambience, these are from Zara Home.

Thank you very much for wanting to know a little bit more about this corner that I was so excited to set up and give to my little girl.

Cris y Martina ❤

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