Interior design project: The Arroyo Fresno´s Kitchen

If you had to choose just one room in your home for a complete renovation, where would you start?   A: kitchen. B: living room. C: bedroom.
If you chose the option A, welcome to the club. Many people are looking for professional interior designers to renovate the kitchen and transform it into a cosy and inviting place to stay comfortable as long as possible.

To understand why the kitchen has become a key part of any home nowadays, we talked to the interior designer Elena Montoro, who signed the interior design project of the kitchen with office area that you will see in these photos.

"For some years now, the kitchen has been one of the most inhabited rooms in the house, where people cook and eat, however, it is also increasingly used as a place to work, read, relax and even meet and spend time with friends or family", explains Elena.

Decoración de cocina color blanco y negro con papel pintado estilo retro modelo Les Coquilles


In her work, when designing a kitchen for today's standards, many parameters must be taken into account. The study of the light in the room and the space available are fundamental, but above all the life and use it is intended to be given within the flat.

"There are many factors like the lifestyle of the family, whether there are small children, or whether they have the idea of doing chores and manual games, working, if they like to read, if they have hobbies such as painting or reading, if their idea is to have lunch or dinner together, if they prepare elaborate meals or even if they enjoy a glass of wine? "These details, says the interior designer, determine the common thread of the project and help to arrive at a starting point to work with. 

Renovación de cocina con papel pintado retro y decoración color blanco y negro


In one of her recent works, like this cosy kitchen that we show you in this article, the client had a family with small children who needed a dining room and work space on an occasional basis, and they had the idea of turning this part of the house into a very practical place.   

Having the maximum possible worktop surface was one of the premises of the project, and to achieve this, they had to renounce the storage columns and place a single 70 cm wide fridge, eliminating barriers and allowing natural light to circulate freely. The colours of the floor and the metal carpentry were fixed elements from the start, which led him to use rattan and wood in complements to achieve greater warmth in the room.


"And last but not least, your Les Coquilles wallpaper, which was a real eye-catcher from the first minute for everyone, and it was the one that would mark the character of the kitchen, the one that gives it a change and makes it not just another nice dining room, but a warm, special one, with a different air".

To achieve more retro and casual touch, the interior designer chose to place the wallpaper in the opposite direction to the original design, as it is a highly versatile model that allows you to play with both options.

Proyecto de interiorismo de una cocina con decoración moderna y papel pintado Les Coquilles

"I love all your wallpapers, as they combine quality with aesthetics, being super resistant and with a spectacular design, not overloaded and capable of total changing a space".


Get the Look:

Elena breaks down the suppliers and brands used in her project and gives us some decoration tips to get the most out of the kitchen.

  • The table: Ikea
    "Comfortable (round), cosy and modern to create contrasts in the decoration and break the classic line given by the chairs and the lamp."
  • The lamp: Leroy Merlín
    "It is essential that it is large in size and helps to create different ambience lighting"
  • Chairs: Vintahome
    "Washed wood, wicker and rattan: a nod to terraces, with very comfortable ergonomics designed for very regular use and playing with the materials of the lamp and the colours of the wallpaper."
  • Cushions: Lola Home
    "With trendy Vichy print"
  • Decorative objects: Maison du monde
    Boards, baskets, utensils etc...
  • Painting: Pilsferrer
    "It´s one of those details that give personality and charm to the kitchen, they always catch attention"


Photos: Elena Montoro

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