Harmony in Soft Tones: Thiago's Space

Baby Thiago's room, designed by Marta Díaz, is an oasis of calm and elegance in pastel and neutral tones.

@srtadeco, known on Instagram for uploading content on interior design and maternity, has managed to create a charming space that combines sweetness with sophistication.

The chosen wallpaper, "My Meadow", is the focal point of the room. With soft shades of beige, brown, grey, cherry pink and light green, this wallpaper creates a serene and cosy atmosphere. Marta has skilfully combined this central element with other carefully selected details to achieve the desired atmosphere.


On the left side, a cosy wooden tepee bed invites moments of rest and comfort. Above it, cheerful pennants add a touch of trendiness and playfulness.

In this room, functionality meets design with a practical coat rack and an elegant mirror. The coat rack, with its minimalist wooden design, offers a practical solution for organising clothes and accessories, keeping the space tidy and clutter-free. Meanwhile, the mirror, with its sleek frame, amplifies the light and space, adding depth and luminosity to the room.

Beige and brown tones are repeated in various elements of the room, bringing a sense of continuity and harmony. In addition, Marta has added touches of pale pink with some decorative elements such as the little stuffed llama animals or the cot mobile, which add a touch of delicacy and warmth to the environment.

Wood and wicker are undisputed protagonists in the decoration, adding texture and naturalness to the room. These natural materials add a lot of warmth, creating a sense of connection with nature within the room.

One element that stands out among the serenity of the room is a blue striped bunny cuddly toy. Although it breaks with the overall aesthetic, it adds a touch of playfulness and fun, maintaining the perfect balance between playfulness and elegance. 



Thiago's room is definitely a shining example of smart design and attention to detail. Marta has managed to create a space that inspires calm and serenity, perfect for little Thiago. Congratulations 💕

Photos: @srtadeco



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