Gansa Lucy for a bright room

Cristina Rivodigo's baby Manuel's room is a perfect example of how simple things can also be special and unique. With few elements, we managed to create a functional environment that transmits peace to the little ones.



On the main wall, the Gansa Lucy wallpaper brings personality to the room in a light way, as it is a model with soft colours and clean design. The shades of grey, green and mustard that are present in the model allow flexibility to combine with other colours and decorative elements. 

Combining with the colour of the Gansa Lucy, mum has chosen to paint the side wall in this beautiful and elegant bone grey tone.

This kids bedroom is marked by the colour white: the furniture, the background of Gansa Lucy wallpaper, the textiles... This type of children's decoration is very popular, as it not only visually expands the space, but also creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity, ideal for a baby. The wooden and rattan details bring warmth and a natural touch, balancing the coldness of the white.

The rattan bassinet is another protagonist in the decoration of the room. Made of cane, it follows the current trend and brings a fresh and natural air to the baby's room. The other accessories complement the decoration of the nursery, adding a personal touch to the room, such as the rattan window, the wooden name on the wall, etc.



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