Veridiana Blue: Elegance and Freshness

In the world of interior design, finding the perfect balance between freshness and elegance can be a real challenge.

An Inspiring Example: @sandra_freckled's Bedroom
An example of how to use blue Veridiana wallpaper in decorating is @sandra_freckled's room. Sandra has chosen to combine the wallpaper with a palette of earth and make-up colours, creating a harmonious and warm atmosphere. The earth tones in the headboard and cushions contrast with the greyish blues of the wallpaper, achieving a balanced and attractive composition.





Details that Make a Difference
Small details also play a crucial role in this décor. The white lamps with touches of rattan not only add functionality, but also add a fresh, natural feel to the space. This detail, together with the wallpaper, reinforces the feeling of freshness and lightness in the room.




In addition, the minimalist, summery pictures on either side of the headboard are a great choice that complements the ambience. Their simplicity and summery style blend in perfectly with the overall design of the room, adding an artistic touch without overloading the space.



Versatility in Decoration
Blue Veridiana wallpaper is not only an ideal choice for bedrooms, but also works wonderfully in other spaces in the home. Whether in the hallway for a warm welcome, in the bathroom to add a touch of elegance, or in the living room to create a relaxing ambience, this wallpaper proves to be a versatile and stylish choice.



@sandra_freckled has created a unique and personal atmosphere.

Thank you for showing it to us 💙.

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