3 ways to install your My Woodland wallpaper


The My Woodland wallpaper is one of the favourite models of our brand, due to its neutral and delicate design and its soft colours. One of its characteristics is the freedom when it comes to installing it on the wall, as this model has a free case. All the designs are concentrated within the same strip, that is to say, a design does not remain halfway between one strip and another, and therefore you do not have to match the design when installing the strips on the wall.

Having this freedom, we present you 3 ways to install your My Woodland wallpaper. Take note of these possibilities, choose your favourite and, if you are going to hire a professional to install the wallpaper, remember to discuss with your installer which method you prefer to use when sticking the strips on the wall. 

1. Installation of the wallpaper with case sautéing

In this option, the strips are placed by moving the pattern diagonally. Notice how the large deer is positioned in relation to the next strip in the middle of the repetition. This is our favourite option and in our opinion the most harmonious way for this design.Instalación de papel pintado con case salteado


2. Installation of wallpaper with a straight edge

Here the strips are placed in such a way that the patterns are aligned horizontally, always at the same height. A very popular option with our customers and with a satisfactory result, which conveys order.



Colocación del papel pintado con case libre

3. Wallpaper installation with free case

In this type of case, we forget to square the drawings when laying the paper and we install the strips randomly, without following a pattern. This is the option with the best performance, as the paper losses will be minimal. Notice how the largest deer appears at different heights along the wall, without following an order.

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