Wallpaper is a decorative resource that is used in more and more homes. They create a very cosy and special atmosphere in the rooms where they are placed. Traditionally they are usually placed in living rooms and bedrooms. But, can they be placed in other rooms such as a bathroom?

You have probably asked yourself this question on many occasions. Wallpaper in bathrooms looks particularly good as it is the perfect alternative to tiles or paint which are much more common in the home. However, why is wallpaper not usually used in such rooms?

The main issue is moisture. The action of water can damage wallpaper and cause it to deteriorate. This is one of the main obstacles why it is not common to find wallpaper on bathroom walls.

Everything you should consider when choosing wallpaper for bathrooms

But it is possible to put wallpaper in bathrooms. The important thing is to make the right choice of wallpaper. There are some that offer the moisture resistance needed for this type of room. You just need to check with the manufacturer or supplier to find out.

One of the main pieces of advice is that it is preferable not to place wallpaper on surfaces that come into direct contact with water. Wallpaper can be used in these locations, but with extra protection such as a glass or methacrylate plate. 

Another option is to combine wallpaper with tiles or paint on walls near showers or bathtubs. This way you will achieve surprising decorative results in your bathroom and you will not have to worry about the state of the wallpaper.

In short, it is possible to use wallpaper in bathrooms as long as you choose the right type that performs well against moisture. The best thing to do is to go to a reliable supplier with whom you can resolve any doubts you may have. This way you will always avoid problems.


Putting up wallpaper in the bathroom is easier than you think.

Another big question is how to install wallpaper in the bathroom. Usually these rooms are covered with tiles. This is not the surface on which the wallpaper is usually placed. Having to remove them in order to put up the wallpaper can be an effort that not everyone is willing to make.

However, this is not necessary. It is possible to apply wallpaper on bathroom tiles. You just need to know and apply the right technique, which is not very difficult. The main step is to apply a primer coat that allows the glue and paper to adhere to the wall.

Another necessary step is to seal the edges of the wallpaper well with the special silicone used for bathrooms. In this way, moisture will have less effect on the wallpaper, preventing it from seeping behind the wallpaper.

As you can see, the installation of wallpaper in bathrooms is possible without having to carry out major works or interventions in the room. After just a few hours, it can be installed and the bathroom can be completely transformed.

This multiplies the decorative possibilities of the bathroom. You will be able to get the walls of this room to offer beautiful patterns that you would not have achieved otherwise. The room will be much more welcoming, helping you to achieve the wellbeing you have been looking for.

For all these reasons you shouldn't have to think twice about putting wallpaper in your bathroom. It's a great choice for one of the most important rooms in any bathroom.

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