Glue is one of the essential elements for installing wallpaper. It manages to maintain a sufficient grip with the wall or surface on which this decorative element is installed. It is therefore advisable to choose a suitable adhesive to install the wallpaper.

There are different types of glue that are used depending on the wallpaper to be installed. Each one has its own characteristics and reacts differently to the materials. Therefore, the first thing you need to know is the type of wallpaper you want to install in order to find the right glue. These are all the variants:

Qué cola usar para instalar papel pintado

Powder glue

It comes in this format and must be mixed with water. You will have to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding its preparation to achieve the right results depending on the type of wallpaper. It is a process that does not require a great deal of technical knowledge, but it does need to be thorough.

You can find two different kinds of glue powder. Methyl cellulose is recommended for wallpapers with TNT backing. Cellulose is used for paper-backed wallpapers.

These glues are very good value for money and are therefore often used when a large quantity of wallpaper is to be applied. They also have a lot of adhesive power so they are perfect for heavier papers or more difficult surfaces such as tiles.


Ready-to-use glues

This type of adhesive is perfect for easy wallpaper installation. They are applied directly and are very easy to use. They can also be used to reinforce powdered glue mixtures. They allow for some mobility of the wallpaper when it is in place and not yet completely dry. Ready-made glue is available in different sizes and you can find interesting offers with large quantities.


Carpenter's glue

This is the classic glue that you can prepare at home with water, oil and vinegar or buy in commercial establishments. It is obviously the least recommended if you want to hang wallpaper on large surfaces. It dries very quickly and leaves very little room for manoeuvre.

This glue can be useful when you want to install small quantities of wallpaper. It can also be used for those areas that require small touch-ups in the pasting of the wallpaper to achieve a better finish.

It can also be used for other uses of wallpaper, such as on furniture. This type of glue is the cheapest of the three, but its use is much more limited.

The type of glue to be used is largely determined by the manufacturer's instructions. The label on the wallpaper usually states the type of adhesive that should be used in each case. In some cases the wallpaper comes pre-glued so you only have to apply the glue to the wall, making the job much easier.

Just as you calculate the amount of paper you need, it is also advisable to do the same with the glue. To do this, many packages give you the indications of how much paper can be used with the amount they contain.

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