No doubts wallpaper is your best shot to create a new and fresh decoration. If you have a wallpapered wall, you don't need much more to make the decoration of this space a triumph. If we talk about decorating children's rooms with wallpapers, then the same logic remains. With such a developed market and many types of wallpapers available, it is normal to have doubts when choosing which is the most appropriate to decorate the children's room. Some points are very important when making the decision: knowing what they are made of, if they are washable, if they have good durability and resistance, if they are easy to remove ... To help you, today we are telling you everything about wallpapers ALF & mabi.

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We work with TNT non-woven fabric wallpapers. Well, what does that mean? Means it is a material composed of cellulose and textile fibers. It has a textile backing and a varnished acrylic vinyl layer, which gives it an essential characteristic for children's rooms: waterproofing, thus making it washable.

In addition to being washable, tnt-non-woven wallpapers, which have long been one of the best-sellers in the world, have other advantages. For example, if for whatever reason you decide to remove wallpaper from the wall, this type of material is much easier to dry remove than other types of natural fiber textile-based papers. More positive points: they are quite resistant to breakage and have high resistance to wear caused by sunlight.

We also find advantages with non-woven papers when applying it to the wall. This type of material requires that the wall be glued. That is, the glue is applied directly to the wall, and not to the paper. That makes the laying process much easier. If you want to know more about this topic, in this link you can find the main wallpaper application tips.

Our wallpapers have a slight embossing, that is, a discreet texture that visually provides a higher quality of finish and also helps to hide if the wall has slight imperfections. It is ideal and we are sure that you are going to love it!

Roll measurements and calculation:
Our roll of wallpaper measures 52cm x 10m. It has, therefore, 5 square meters in total. An easy way to calculate the amount of wallpaper for a certain wall is first of all to know how many total square meters the wall has, and then divide by 5 (in this case, the total square meters of our rolls). It is recommended to add 10% to 25% more, depending on whether or not the chosen model has to match the drawings, so as not to run the risk of running out of material. If the result does not come up with a round number, you will have to round up. To measure the square footage of the wall, just multiply width x length.

If you have any other questions or if we have stopped clarifying any point, write us an email to, we will be happy to help you :)

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