Decorate a baby's room with hot air balloons

For children, their room is their magical world, their refuge, where they feel safe in the midst of everything that identifies them. That is why the decoration of the children's room plays a fundamental role in the development of the little ones.

Far beyond its aesthetic function, decorating a child's room opens the door to a universe of fantasies and dreams. So, if you love decorating it, surely he will be even more delighted to have a playful environment to play and dream. A simple way to decorate and at the same time stimulate the imagination of the little ones? Hanging hot air balloons of different sizes and colours from the ceiling.

These beautiful pieces that fly in the sky fill the room with a spirit of fantasy and adventure and add a lot to the decoration of the children's room. With a vintage touch that is simply ideal, the tip is to combine the hanging balloons with a star wallpaper, creating a beautiful sky theme.

Five ideas for using hanging balloons to decorate a child's room in a fun and original way:

1) You can play with balloons of different sizes to give a sense of depth and fantasy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful open field with balloons flying across the sky...

Idea para decorar la habitación del bebé con globos aerostáticos

2) If what you want is a cheerful and lively room, play with colours without fear of going overboard. Mix different coloured balloons with wallpaper in different shades for a much more fun room.

3)Bring the magic of the sky to your baby's room. Combine our decorative balloons with our star wallpapers and get a beautiful sky-themed nursery decoration.

Idea de decoración infantil tema cielo

4) Hot air balloons go very well with adventure, jungle and animal themes. Give your child's room a more safari touch by combining hot air balloons with other animal decorations, such as our Animals wallpaper or the Giraffe painting.

5) If what you want is that when you open the bedroom door the child enters a totally magical atmosphere, consider wallpapering the main wall with one of our wall murals. The My Pyrenees model is a good option to evoke nature and create a bedroom that conveys peace, combining it with two or three balloons of different sizes.

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