Children's rooms should certainly be full of colour and fantasy, so that the little ones can immerse themselves in a dream world every day. Children's rooms are undoubtedly the most fun areas when it comes to decorating the house.

To achieve a unique space, you can use various resources, one of which is wallpaper, which is perfect for decorating children's rooms without much effort. Another is wall murals, which are ideal for decorating children's rooms in an easy and economical way.

It is always a complicated task to choose the decoration for our children's rooms. That's why at ALF&mabi we want to give you some ideas on how you can decorate the walls of children's rooms with murals. This is a key element for the little ones to feel that every time they enter their room they enter a fairytale universe. We always recommend that when choosing the mural to decorate the children's room, it is very important to take into account the taste of the children.

When decorating children's rooms there are practically no limits to creativity and no rules for design. The most fun part of decorating is undoubtedly the wall: large, fresh canvases waiting to be decorated with fun colours and eye-catching designs.

Our ALF&mabi murals for children are made of non-woven paper (TNT - non woven) 150 gr/m², they are washable: they can be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap. They are highly resistant and you can choose them in various sizes, depending on your wall.

To choose the correct size of the mural, you have to measure the width of the wall on which you want to place the mural. We always recommend adding an extra 6 to 10 centimetres to the total. This safety margin is necessary to guarantee the best result.

The first model we present to you is our Mi Circo children's mural. The design subtly depicts little animals doing fun activities in a circus. With soft shades of green, grey and off-white it is a good ally for decoration: it creates a discreet touch to the atmosphere of the room, an easy option to combine with other decorative elements.

mural para decorar habitaciones infantiles

The mural My sky has us in love. A calm and smiling moon illuminates the starry sky of the quiet night with its beautiful glow. The My Sky children's wall mural decorating the children's room is enchanting, and the wall print is all the serene beauty of a full moonlit night.

With a bluish-grey background, the my Sky mural features stars of different sizes with a dominant white colour, bringing light to the children's decor. It is also available in several colours so you can choose the one that best suits your room's décor.

Mural infantil con dibujo de una luna

Have you ever thought of bringing all the planets to your little one's room? Our children's mural my Planets is what you're looking for. Inspired by the beauty of space and astronomy, it is ideal for decorating children's rooms. The My Planets Mural is designed with a soft and cheerful colour palette, with a blue background and is easy to combine with the decoration of the children's room. In addition, this special design brings a lot of joy and fun to children's rooms.

murales infantiles

In our ALF&mabi online shop, you can choose the children's mural that you like the most, whether it be landscapes, animals, etc. and turn your little one's room into a special place.

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