Decorating with star wallpapers

Few elements are as sought after when it comes to decorating children's rooms as stars in their various forms: to print on wallpaper, cushions, duvet covers, squares on the wall. 

Stars are ideal for decorating and they also stimulate children's imagination, taking them into a playful world. 

Our suggestion today is to use wallpapers with star patterns to create this sky theme so popular in children's rooms. In our catalogue we have different colours to choose the one that best matches the decoration of your child's room.

Our star wallpapers are made of TNT wallpaper, which makes them resistant and washable. It is easy to hang and very suitable for children's rooms.


Our Stars wallpaper in shades of blue is perfect for decorating all types of rooms. The printed stars reproduce watercolour graphics, in very soft blue tones to decorate a room in a neutral and elegant way.

papel pintado estrellas azul

Stars wallpaper in pastel colours: a very tender and neutral option for children's decoration. Each star is a watercolour version and together they form a starry sky perfect for decorating baby's room.

papel pintado estrellas pastel

A sky full of stars, with a smiling and peaceful moon, so that your little ones will always have sweet nights. Our super cute Stars watercolour pink wallpaper is ideal for decorating children's rooms!

Our Stars wallpaper in shades of green allows you to decorate your child's room with all the beauty of the starry sky. In addition, it contains beautiful moon and star designs in different sizes in grey-blue on a white background.

compra papel pintado estrellas verde

Buy your favourite star wallpaper in our Alf&mabi online shop, you can choose from various models and colours to give a unique touch to the rooms of the little ones in the house. It has never been so easy to bring the stars of the sky to the walls of your home with ALF&mabi.

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