A haven of peace for Gonzalo

The baby's room is a very special place, and Cristina Mariscal, the owner of the Instagram account @creando_mi_casa, knows this very well. For her son Gonzalo's space, she chose a style that combines warmth and functionality, achieving an atmosphere that invites rest and imagination.

The most striking element is the Mi Pradera wallpaper. With its soft earth tones and a design that evokes nature, it brings a touch of warmth and serenity to the room. It is also very easy to install, allowing for a quick and hassle-free changeover for busy parents.


For the chest of drawers, Cristina chose the HEMNES model with 3 drawers by @ikeaspain. Measuring 80x78 cm, it offers ample space to store baby's clothes and accessories. The interesting thing is that, to give it a personal touch, she changed the original handles for cloud-shaped ones from @zarahome. This small modification adds a playful and delicate touch to the piece, fitting in perfectly with the ambience of the room.



The @ikeaspain shelves offer extra space to display books, toys or decorations, keeping the style clean and tidy. The changing table and decorative sheets, both from @amazonespana, complement the set with functionality and aesthetics. The changing table is practical and safe, while the wall art adds an artistic and personal touch to the walls.



The predominant colour in the room is white, with details in earth tones that give a sense of warmth and tranquillity. Each element has been carefully chosen to create a harmonious and cosy space for little Gonzalo. Undoubtedly, the final touch is given by the wallpaper, which becomes the main protagonist, a backdrop that transforms the room into a magical and relaxing place.

Many thanks to @creando_mi_casa, Cristina Mariscal, for sharing her inspirational idea for her baby Gonzalo's room 💗


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