Nicolas' room by @laratronti

When it comes to decorating a baby's room, every detail counts. This is demonstrated by influencer @laratronti, who chose Vichy Gris wallpaper, an elegant and cosy design for her little Nicolás' bedroom.



Vichy Grey Wallpaper: Classic Elegance

The grey Vichy wallpaper chosen by @laratronti for Nicolas' room gives it a sophisticated feel without losing its childlike charm. This subtle chequered pattern blends perfectly with the other elements of the decor, creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere for the baby. 


A Cream Beige Canopy for Extra Comfort

To add a cosy touch to the wooden cot, a creamy beige canopy has been added. This detail not only adds an extra decorative element, but also creates an intimate and safe space for baby to rest.

The Cuddly Stork: Sweetness in the Air

Above the cot, hanging gently, is an adorable stuffed stork. This cuddly decorative element adds a touch of sweetness to the room, while evoking the classic myth of the stork bringing babies. It is a detail that will undoubtedly capture Nicolas' attention as he grows up.

Baby Entertainment Games

On top of the carpet in neutral tones, Lara has placed a small gym with games to keep Nicolas entertained and stimulate his development. This play space is ideal for encouraging baby's curiosity and learning, all while enjoying his surroundings.

Cushions and Giraffe for a Fun Touch

Cushions and a stuffed giraffe bring a fun and playful touch to the room. These additions are not only functional, but also lend a cosy and warm feel to the space, making it perfect for playtime and relaxing.



A word from @laratronti:

"The truth is that I love the role and the stork too, the role is not boring at all, I love it. I'm glad I chose it. 



Nicolas' room is an example of how well-chosen wallpaper and other decorative elements can create a unique and beautiful space for a baby. With the grey Vichy wallpaper as a base, the cream beige canopy, the cuddly stork and the other details, this room is a special place where Nicolas can grow up surrounded by love and creativity.

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