A monochromatic room

In the world of kids decoration, the monochromatic style has become a strong trend that seeks to create relaxed and harmonious spaces using only neutral tones and textures. This is how the room of Nela, the adorable baby of Andzia, creator of the Instagram account @mysimpleflowers, was designed.

For this room, beige has been chosen as the predominant colour, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere for the baby.



Natural Linen Wallpaper
The Natural Linen wallpaper is one of the key elements of this decoration. With its fabric effect finish and stone beige tone, it perfectly complements the monochromatic style of the bedroom decor. This option is both elegant and discreet, allowing for great versatility in combining with other colours and materials. 

A neutral-themed nursery décor ensures that neither baby nor parents will easily tire of the room's colours, as beige is a timeless shade that always conveys peace and serenity without tiring the eye.


With the Lino Natural wallpaper as a base, Nela's mother has added a distinctive touch by incorporating a white trim on the wall, another big trend in nursery decorating, creating a subtle contrast with the wallpaper. The combination of the beige with the white trim gives the room a clean and harmonious look.

Details that make a difference
Hanging happily on the wall we see the globe in grey tones, which adds a touch of fantasy to the decoration without breaking the playful and light approach of the room. Not to mention the garland of flowers, the wall sconces, the shell-shaped cushion.... all these small decorative details play an important role in a monochrome style room, adding texture and shape to the whole.



The choice of neutral tones and natural materials such as rattan enhances the feeling of warmth and comfort in the room. The cot, the shelves and the clothes donkey are made of this material, bringing a sense of warmth and connection with nature. The flowers adorning the walls, also in beige tones, create a charming visual continuity.




Without a doubt, Nela's room is an inspiration for anyone looking to design a children's room that is both simple and elegant.

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