Greige: the power of soft tones

We have fallen in love with the baby bedroom designed by interior designer Virgínia Perez (@interiorismovirginiaperez), who chose our Ramitas Greige wallpaper to create an environment where romantic details take over the decoration.

Decorating a baby's room is key to achieving a haven of peace for the little ones, and in this kids room Virginia Pérez has shared with us her trick for achieving the tranquillity that is so much sought after.


Papel pintado Ramitas Greige para decorar dormitorio infantiles con tonos claros


"Stay away from strident colours on the walls, babies (as well as adults) sleep better in soft tones. Our recommendation is to choose a neutral tone that won't tire you out over time," explains the interior designer.


Papel pintado Ramitas greige para decoración del cuarto del bebé


Wallpaper for a timeless look
Wallpaper for a child's bedroom can be a great way to add texture and personality, but think carefully about colours and design when choosing wallpaper.


"If you prefer to go for the wallpaper option, floral and botanical patterns work best because they are timeless, always in soft tones."

The decorator chose Ramitas Greige wallpaper for her project, with delicate white twigs on a greige background, a neutral tone that is a combination of beige and grey. This shade is versatile and goes well with almost any colour, bringing warmth and elegance to the space.

Decoración infantil neutra con papel pintado Ramitas greige


The power of soft tones
One of the first tips Virginia offered us was the importance of avoiding bright colours on the walls. Babies, as well as adults, find it easier to rest in environments with soft tones. For this reason, her recommendation is to opt for a neutral tone that will not tire them over time. This is especially useful for children's rooms, which should be adaptable as children grow.

Cuarto de bebé con decoración cálida con papel pintado


Acesorios de decoración para el cuarto del bebé


Complementing furniture and accessories
The XL bed in white and aqua green was an excellent choice for this room. These tones harmonise perfectly with the wallpaper and bring an air of tranquillity. The carpet with little colourful dots adds a touch of cheerfulness and vibrancy, while the elephant painting adds a fun and playful element, with a touch of wood that complements the rest of the décor.


Papel pintado Ramitas Greige

Skirtings and their creative use
One of the most successful decisions was to place the wallpaper above the skirting board, a growing trend in interior decoration. This approach creates an interesting visual effect and can help protect the walls from knocks and scratches. It is also a decorative detail that gives the room an elegant and tidy look.





Clever use of wallpaper, well-chosen furniture and accessories, and the incorporation of modern trends such as skirting boards, ensure a children's room that grows with the child and will remain attractive for a long time to come.


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