Inspiration: from office to nursery

A room that used to be a drab office, with a forgotten and unused balcony turned into a cosy and fun haven for children, where they can play and sleep comfortably. This was the change brought about by @taisschoof who transformed her old office into a charming children's bedroom with our green Vichy wallpaper.


"At first we closed off the balcony to create a play space for the children. Then we realised that it made more sense to bring the children's bedroom into this area, and so the transformation began".


 With the help of various brands, the room became a magical and cosy place where the children's imagination can run wild.

Where once there was a wall with black paint, today there is the most striking element of the decoration: the wallpaper wall.

Thaís has chosen the vichy print to give a classic and cosy touch to the room. Its mint green tone brings joy to the room in a discreet and elegant way, combining perfectly with the other soft tones of the decoration and the natural elements that are part of the bedroom, such as the solid wood bed and the jute baskets.



 The room is full of charming details, carefully selected to stimulate the imagination of the little ones. From the balloons and bunting to the baskets of toys, every element contributes to creating an atmosphere full of joy and fun.


The rustic wooden montessori style bed adds a touch of warmth and comfort to the space and looks great with the wicker decor elements that echo the vichy pattern of the wallpaper.

Around the room, shelves were added for books and toys, creating exploration and learning corners for the children.




Thank you @taisschoof for trusting our brand and for sharing with us your inspiring photos 💚

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